Friday, 15 May 2015

2 Women You won't Believe Exist!

Certain things in life can really not be explained. They however make us learn to appreciate and accept ourselves the way we are. Now here are two women with conditions battling with two severe conditions. I call the need to have the biggest breast in the world as a condition. I cannot imagine how this woman manages to support herself without falling on her face every single time she stands up or walks. I am not judging her but I wonder what need pushes her to want to accomplish the feat of having the biggest breasts! Does having big boobs make her more attractive? Is it an obsession that needs to be taken care of by a psychiatrist? The other woman has a disorder that will make her bedridden for the rest of her life and its so sad that she didn't cause it for herself but has to live and deal with what life has thrown at her. I guess I'm talking too much, perhaps you should see the photos for yourself. What do you think?

Thursday, 7 May 2015

PHOTOS - The Brave Celebs Living With The Rare Skin Condition Called Vitiligo

This post aims to raise awareness for the skin condition that affects approximately 100 million people globally- about 1% of the population regardless of race, and it is called vitiligo. What this condition does is that those who suffer from it lose pigment in their skin over time, slowly or rapidly and randomly across the body, around the eyes, lips, hands etc.
Tara and Chantelle
Recently on TV a couple walked into a restaurant and ordered for food, the waitress who served them had vitiligo on her hands and the lady saw it first and drew her husband's attention to it so they both decided to leave the restaurant without eating because they claimed her hands were unsightly and disgusting. The owner of the restaurant had to sack the waitress because he could not continue to pay the wages of one who could not serve because of her condition, which she didn't bring upon herself!

Can you imagine the psychological consequence this will have on the victim? I can assure you that it will be horrendous!
This condition is not curable but can be treated with steroid creams, Light therapy, excimer laser, Calcineurin inhibitors which can put back some pigmentation in some patients but not all. Many people use concealers like Dermablend, Mary Kay, Mac and Black up to cover the affected patches but these are temporary measures.
Cheri and Phillip Lindsay
It is a good thing that we now have spokespersons that are raising enlightenment about this condition and maybe more money will be released for research in the near future and perhaps it will also help minimise the embarrassment that sufferers feel. Notable celebs who have suffered from this condition are; Michael Jackson, cheri and Phillip Lindsay and Model Chantelle Brown-Young who has even gone ahead to participate in America's Next Top Model irrespective. The 19 year old Chantelle said something I will never forget " I have something that is very profound about the way I look. A lot of people have a story and a background but mine is painted on my body". That is true confidence and acceptance.

Recently, I went to Balogun market to shop here in Lagos and I saw a beautiful black woman whose name I later learnt was Modina. She had vitiligo on her face and she was so beautiful but looked forlorn. So I approached her and after apologising for my impunity(if you like) told her that they were concealer powders she could use to conceal the patches on her face if she felt the need to cover up and that I could list them out right away. Her face lit up and she told me that she and her husband have been at a loss of what to do, she said there was no need to write it out as we were in the market we should go buy them immediately! I will never forget the appreciative smile on her face as we exchanged numbers and names afterwards, with her clutching her powders so tightly to her bosom.

Vitiligo is a condition and not infectious! Be a friend to a sufferer today and spread the word. Do you know anyone with this condition, man or woman, it does not discriminate? Let us talk. Use the comment button below. Thank you for stopping by. Click to see one more photo of the gorgeous model Chantelle and a face before and after using concealer ...

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

M C Hammer; The Rapper, Best Dancer, Entrepreneur,Actor, Living Legend? Your Call...

Stanley kirk Burrel known professionally as M C Hammer is our focus today. He was born in 1962. Known for his rapid rise to fame when he churned hit after hit in the 90's. If you were a teenager in those days and did not dance to Hammer songs then I suspect you may have been in jail hehehehe. I remember standing on a street in Sanya and making some Hammer moves when the song "Cant touch this" played from a nearby house. Hammer will never be forgotten for his flashy dance movement, choreography and the eponymous pants that would today make me laugh should I see them on anyone (whispers, I owned a pair).

Hammer knew Michael Jackson was the king of pop at the time but he challenged and competed with him in his videos. He thought he was a better performer and saw himself as a James Brown protege anointed to take the gloves off Michael.

It would not be wrong to consider Hammer as the pioneer of pop rap. He is the first hip hop artist to achieve diamond status for an album. He sold more than 50 million records worldwide  and was named No 7 best dancer of all time(his dancing skills are still taught today). Would you believe he once insured his legs for a substantial amount of money? He however, failed to adapt to the ever changing landscape of rap as he was seen as too commercial when rap was hardcore at that point. He could be heard cursing and calling out many rappers in his album. His album "Too legit to quit" bombed out and record ;labels began to lose interest as he became a "Sell out" - too public if you wanna know.
see dem pants 

Many do not know that Hammer grew up with his mum and 8 siblings in Oakland, where he would sell stray baseball and dance. He acquired the nickname MC from being Master of Ceremony while on the road. 

Originally estimated to be worth $33 million according to Forbes Magazine, rumors of money problems emerged with having to spend too much on family, personal luxuries and staff. He ultimately owed $13 million in debt. If you ever buy some flashy clothes with the label J slick on it just know that you just picked up a Hammer clothing line.With dwindling album sales, unpaid loans, large payroll and a lavish lifestyle, Hammer filed for bankruptcy in April 1996. If you have never listened to any of his songs, lets have us some Hammer time after the cut.... Ever heard his songs? Which are your favorites? Would I be right to call Hammer a Living Legend? Follow him on twitter where he is very active @mchammer or check out his blog or even on Facebook. Check out the Vid below but take note of the pants lololololo would you rock it?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Do You Remember Shabba Ranks? Then Check This Out...

Hi guys, I am starting a new blog called I have been missing from my other blog for a while because I had to go on a soul search to think of a new direction for my blog that will be different from all other blogs, at least a new direction instead of the usual and an idea just dropped in my heart. I will like to start a series about stars of old who topped the charts in their time many many years ago. I will move on to other stuff later but i find this interesting and different. ( I hope you think so). Some youths today may not even have heard of them, so it will be a time to reminisce and a time to learn about these stars. Stardom is transient and artists need to find ways to update and roll with the times to be relevant or they get passed over for new breeds. My daughter once had an assignment that had to do with Christy Essien, Orits Williki, Onyeka Onwenu etc and she wondered who they were. I shook my head in surprise because these were the musicians who ruled our airwaves during my rocking time! So today I start with Shabba Ranks!

Shabba was born in Jamaica in 1966. He was a popular dancehall musician whose brash gravel toned voice resonated on radio stations and deejay turntables world wide.

Ranks gained his fame by toasting or rapping rather than singing. His hairstyle was legendary and copied by many youths. To me, it looked like a half finished barbing job but I liked it and smiled broadly each time a "toaster" came to me with his hair cut like that hehehehehe.

His greatest hit remains "Mr Loverman". They don't make songs like that any more. The combination of Shabba Ranks and Maxi Priest will have you gyrating to the song throwing away decorum  no matter where you are or how tightly your tie is knotted.

The last I heard of him was when he appeared on Channel Four and advocated death for all homosexuals. In 1993 it was rumoured that he was working on an album but nothing has come of it so far, and really if you have been in a wrought for so long, chances are you may never bounce back. Besides, you already lost your audience. Perhaps you may know where he is. Hit the comment box below, if you do.

To shop for his songs visit or follow him on twitter @emperorranks. I have added his video below for your enjoyment. Continue to watch it. If you remember him or any of his songs, please hit the comment button below. Till next time. Peace!!!