Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Do You Remember Shabba Ranks? Then Check This Out...

Hi guys, I am starting a new blog called theglammag.blogspot.com. I have been missing from my other blog ritaegwu.blogspot.com for a while because I had to go on a soul search to think of a new direction for my blog that will be different from all other blogs, at least a new direction instead of the usual and an idea just dropped in my heart. I will like to start a series about stars of old who topped the charts in their time many many years ago. I will move on to other stuff later but i find this interesting and different. ( I hope you think so). Some youths today may not even have heard of them, so it will be a time to reminisce and a time to learn about these stars. Stardom is transient and artists need to find ways to update and roll with the times to be relevant or they get passed over for new breeds. My daughter once had an assignment that had to do with Christy Essien, Orits Williki, Onyeka Onwenu etc and she wondered who they were. I shook my head in surprise because these were the musicians who ruled our airwaves during my rocking time! So today I start with Shabba Ranks!

Shabba was born in Jamaica in 1966. He was a popular dancehall musician whose brash gravel toned voice resonated on radio stations and deejay turntables world wide.

Ranks gained his fame by toasting or rapping rather than singing. His hairstyle was legendary and copied by many youths. To me, it looked like a half finished barbing job but I liked it and smiled broadly each time a "toaster" came to me with his hair cut like that hehehehehe.

His greatest hit remains "Mr Loverman". They don't make songs like that any more. The combination of Shabba Ranks and Maxi Priest will have you gyrating to the song throwing away decorum  no matter where you are or how tightly your tie is knotted.

The last I heard of him was when he appeared on Channel Four and advocated death for all homosexuals. In 1993 it was rumoured that he was working on an album but nothing has come of it so far, and really if you have been in a wrought for so long, chances are you may never bounce back. Besides, you already lost your audience. Perhaps you may know where he is. Hit the comment box below, if you do.

To shop for his songs visit amozon.com or follow him on twitter @emperorranks. I have added his video below for your enjoyment. Continue to watch it. If you remember him or any of his songs, please hit the comment button below. Till next time. Peace!!!

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