Wednesday, 6 May 2015

M C Hammer; The Rapper, Best Dancer, Entrepreneur,Actor, Living Legend? Your Call...

Stanley kirk Burrel known professionally as M C Hammer is our focus today. He was born in 1962. Known for his rapid rise to fame when he churned hit after hit in the 90's. If you were a teenager in those days and did not dance to Hammer songs then I suspect you may have been in jail hehehehe. I remember standing on a street in Sanya and making some Hammer moves when the song "Cant touch this" played from a nearby house. Hammer will never be forgotten for his flashy dance movement, choreography and the eponymous pants that would today make me laugh should I see them on anyone (whispers, I owned a pair).

Hammer knew Michael Jackson was the king of pop at the time but he challenged and competed with him in his videos. He thought he was a better performer and saw himself as a James Brown protege anointed to take the gloves off Michael.

It would not be wrong to consider Hammer as the pioneer of pop rap. He is the first hip hop artist to achieve diamond status for an album. He sold more than 50 million records worldwide  and was named No 7 best dancer of all time(his dancing skills are still taught today). Would you believe he once insured his legs for a substantial amount of money? He however, failed to adapt to the ever changing landscape of rap as he was seen as too commercial when rap was hardcore at that point. He could be heard cursing and calling out many rappers in his album. His album "Too legit to quit" bombed out and record ;labels began to lose interest as he became a "Sell out" - too public if you wanna know.
see dem pants 

Many do not know that Hammer grew up with his mum and 8 siblings in Oakland, where he would sell stray baseball and dance. He acquired the nickname MC from being Master of Ceremony while on the road. 

Originally estimated to be worth $33 million according to Forbes Magazine, rumors of money problems emerged with having to spend too much on family, personal luxuries and staff. He ultimately owed $13 million in debt. If you ever buy some flashy clothes with the label J slick on it just know that you just picked up a Hammer clothing line.With dwindling album sales, unpaid loans, large payroll and a lavish lifestyle, Hammer filed for bankruptcy in April 1996. If you have never listened to any of his songs, lets have us some Hammer time after the cut.... Ever heard his songs? Which are your favorites? Would I be right to call Hammer a Living Legend? Follow him on twitter where he is very active @mchammer or check out his blog or even on Facebook. Check out the Vid below but take note of the pants lololololo would you rock it?

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