Friday, 15 May 2015

2 Women You won't Believe Exist!

Certain things in life can really not be explained. They however make us learn to appreciate and accept ourselves the way we are. Now here are two women with conditions battling with two severe conditions. I call the need to have the biggest breast in the world as a condition. I cannot imagine how this woman manages to support herself without falling on her face every single time she stands up or walks. I am not judging her but I wonder what need pushes her to want to accomplish the feat of having the biggest breasts! Does having big boobs make her more attractive? Is it an obsession that needs to be taken care of by a psychiatrist? The other woman has a disorder that will make her bedridden for the rest of her life and its so sad that she didn't cause it for herself but has to live and deal with what life has thrown at her. I guess I'm talking too much, perhaps you should see the photos for yourself. What do you think?

German model whose mission in life is to be the owner of the  biggest breast ever. Looks like she is accomplished because I have never seen any this big. Have you?
Mandy Sellers was born with legs that will not stop growing. She is the only known woman with this gene mutation disorder in the world. She had one of her limbs amputated after a series of complications and it grew right back! Sad sad sad! One woman just wants to be normal but cannot help her growing legs and another just wants her boobs to keep growing forever. What an irony of life. Let us learn to appreciate who we are and our differences. Share some love today.

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